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Vijayawada station in SCR Mobile App soon

HYLITES app shows time-table of trains, a helpline that connects to providers of emergency services and gives a list of hotels and hospitals

Vijayawada विजयवाड़ा (BZA): Vijayawada railway station will figure in the South Central Railway (SCR)’s mobile application that shows live train arrival and departure (TAD) status, in about a month from now. It will then be a lot easier to know the status of trains and platform numbers on a real-time basis in three languages (English, Hindi and Telugu) by just tapping on the screen of any GPRS-enabled phone.
The mobile app named HYLITES, to be downloaded from Google Play Store, currently displays arrival and departure timings of trains at Secunderabad, Hyderabad and Kacheguda stations. Divisional Railway Manager Pradeep Kumar said, “This list is set to grow longer with the addition of Vijayawada station followed by other important stations in the next few months”.
This App was developed by Hyderabad based Software company M/s Techgene Solutions.

Tatkal bookings jump on IRCTC Lite site

Lucknow (LKO): Booking an e-ticket during rush tatkal hours can be easier with IRCTC Lite, a new facility launched by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).
To improve service and to reduce traffic and unnecessary hits during peak hours, IRCTC has launched IRCTC Lite during tatkal period which is from 10am to 12 noon. The new service is effective from 9:30am.
To make service faster, all the links, images, ads, services, features which are not helping or not required at the time of premium tatkal ticket booking have been removed from the home page.
“We launched it a month back and it is successful,” said Jt.GM, PR, IRCTC, Pradip Kundu.
In the first hour of Tatkal booking (10am to 11am) the earlier average booking before the introduction of the “IRCTC Lite” was around 48,000, which has now jumped to more than 58,000.
The earlier two hourly (10am to 12 noon) Tatkal booking average was around 83,000, which has now become more than 92,000 with the IRCTC Lite.
Agent login is not available during Tatkal period. For Agent cancellation a separate link is given on home page.
In the Services section the “Plan My Travel” is made more efficient and faster in fetching of “From” and “To” stations for Auto Complete Feature.
In “My Transactions” section “Cancelled history”, “TDR History” and “Refund Status of Cancelled Tickets” are not available and thus reduce the unnecessary hits to the site. Although the other facilities in this section like Booked History, Print E- Ticket, Cancel E-ticket / Refund, Refund Status of Failed Transactions are made available as before.
Similarly, in the User Profile the “Update profile”, “Master list of passenger”, “Passenger travel list” and in the General section the “Terms and Conditions”, “TDR procedure” are removed to make the site faster and easily accessible.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

IRCTC Quick Fast Fill Form : TATKAL Ticket Fast booking Tips : Master List of Passengers

You can create a master list of all passengers who are likely to travel on the tickets booked by you, so that while booking tickets you can easily input data from this list.

Expand IRCTC Sidebar "User Profile" and click "Master List of Passengers" a new Master List of Passengers page will be opened..

irctc tatkal ticket

Now click on "Add Names" and enter the details of possible passengers in the format given below.

You can add any number of passengers in this master list; however, as per Railway rules, a maximum of only 6 names can be included in any one Passenger Travel List for a specific journey.
irctc tatkal ticket trick

While booking your ticket click to Tag which is "Select Passengers from your Master List", select the passengers and click "Add Paggenger" to add passenger in your IRCTC form in just one click, thats it!

irctc tatkal ticket trick

ID Proof must for reserved train travel in all classes | ID Card for indian railways train Travel

ID Proof must for reserved train travel in all classes | ID Card for indian railways train Travel

Any one of the passenger booked on a PNR for undertaking journey in any class will have to produce any one of the 10 prescribed proofs of identity in original) during the journey failing which all the passengers booked on that ticket will be treated as traveling without ticket and charged accordingly. (ref. Railway Board letter no.2011/TG-I/20/P/ID dated 01-11-2012)
ID proof must for train travel

1.Voter Photo identity card issued by Election Commision of India.


3.PAN Card issued by Income Tax Department.

4.Driving Licence issued by RTO.

5.Photo identity card having serial number issued by Central/State Government.

6.Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School/College for their students.

7.Nationalized Bank Passbok with photograph.

8.Credit cards issued by banks with laminated photograph.

9.Unique Identification Card "Aadhaar".

10.Photo identity cards having serial number issued by Public Sector Undertaking of State/Central Government, District Administration, Municipal bodies and Penchant Administration.

ref. Railway Board letter no.2011/TG-I/20/P/ID dated 01-11-2012

IRCTC Android Mobile Application : Book Ticket/Enquiry Booked History Cancel Ticket

IRCTC Android Mobile Application : Book Ticket/Enquiry Booked History Cancel Ticket

IRCTC mobile allows you to perform various ticketing related services through your mobile phone. view trains between stations, check availability, get fare, perform PNR enquiry and many other information services.
IRCTC Book your train tickets online using this mobile Application.
The application contains mobile app version of the IRCTC mobile website
The application takes you to the bookmarked mobile site [Visit App]
(We do not save any usernames or passwords)

For Android user : [Download App]

irctc android application


Indian Railways ticket concession to senior citizens

ticket concession for senior citizens
Indian Railways ticket concession to senior citizens through PRS (Passenger Reservation System) 50% and 40%

From 1st September 2001 onwards, concession to senior citizens through PRS (Passenger Reservation System) shall be granted only on demand and not by default as at present. The demand for concession shall be made on Reservation Requisition form in the case of reserved tickets.

In the case of tickets issued to senior citizens on concession, during journey the concerned passengers are instructed to carry some documentary proof showing their age or date of birth, issued by any Government Institution/Agency/Local Body. like Identity card, Driving License, Passport, Educational certificate, certificate from Local Bodies like Panchayat/Corporation/Municipality, or any other authentic and recognised document.
This documentary proof of age should be produced if demanded by some Railway official during the journey.

The minimum age for availing concession is 58 years in case of WOMEN SENIOR CITIZENS and element of concession is 50% in Basic Fare only.

The minimum age for availing concession is 60 years in case of MEN SENIOR CITIZENS and element of concession is 40% in Basic Fare only.

Note: There will be no change in other terms and conditions in both the cases.(Railway Board No.TCII/2161/2011/SRC/Policy dated 13.05.2011)


IRCTC eWallet : Book Ticket Through eWallet : IRCTC e-tickets booking Fast and easier

IRCTC eWallet : Book Ticket Through eWallet : IRCTC e-tickets booking Fast and easier

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has launched e-wallet, a user-friendly scheme aimed at making purchase of e-tickets easier.

eWALLET is a scheme under which user can deposit money in advance with IRCTC and can be used as payment option along with other payment options available on IRCTC for paying money at the time of booking tickets. 

eWallet Registration 
  • Login by entering your Username and Password.
  • The "Plan my travel" page appears.
  • Link will appear for eWallet Registration.
For More Details About eWallet Registration Visit: IRCTC eWallet[pdf]

  • Only PAN card verified users can register this scheme and in case of ticket cancellation, the due refund will be credited to the e-Wallet account next day.
  • eWALLET registration and booking through eWALLET is not available from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.


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